Investment Loan Excess Collateral Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate the amount of excess collateral available on your client's investment loan. Calculations are provided for two scenarios: clients with Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit (GMWB) assets held as collateral for their investment loans, or clients without GMWB assets.

Loan Type
Current loan balance (?)
Current collateral value (?)
Required minimum collateral
Current loan-to-value (LTV) (?)
Maximum LTV
Excess collateral (?)

Current loan balance information can be found by contacting B2B Bank.

Current value of all collateral held on behalf of your client against the outstanding loan with B2B Bank. Current collateral balance information can be found by contacting B2B Bank.

Excess collateral is only available if this amount is less than the maximum LTV shown.This amount will differ based on the type of investment the client holds (non-GMWB or GMWB).

This is the amount of the collateral available to your client for the non-GMWB or GMWB investment type. If your client wishes to withdraw this collateral, please submit the Investment Loans Redemption/Purchase form found under the Operational Forms section. Redemptions are subject to B2B Bank authorization.

The calculations shown are for illustration purposes only. Amounts are subject to change as collateral values and/or outstanding loan balances fluctuate. Actual rates and amounts may differ. B2B Bank cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the calculations performed or the amounts indicated.