Reimbursement guarantee in case of fraud

Online banking with complete peace of mind

Our reimbursement guarantee in case of online fraud ensures that you’ll receive a full refund if an unauthorized, fraudulent banking transaction is processed through the B2B Bank online service.

Our commitment

B2B Bank has added a number of strict security measures to provide a highly secure banking environment. This incorporates your PIN, your security questions, the use of encryption for online transactions and the automatic termination of your online banking session after a few minutes of inactivity.

To allow you to carry out your online banking with complete peace of mind, B2B Bank is also providing a reimbursement guarantee if an unauthorized, fraudulent banking transaction is processed through the B2B Bank online banking service.

A shared responsibility

In order to benefit from the peace of mind offered by our reimbursement guarantee in case of fraud, you must take the following security measures:

Carefully protect the confidentiality of your password, personal questions and answers when you configure your profile in B2B Bank online banking.

Contact us as soon as you know or suspect that an outside party has discovered your password or that your account shows evidence of a suspicious transaction which you did not authorize.

Respect the user agreement concerning B2B Bank online access.

Adopt safe habits in order to make your online banking environment more secure.

Tips to maximize the security of your online banking environment

You can significantly improve the security of your online banking environment by following these important tips:

Use the most recent version of your preferred web browser (Explorer or Firefox). Ensure that it is equipped with a compatible encryption device.

Install effective firewall and antivirus software on your computer, and update this software on a regular basis.

Install all available security updates for your operating system. You can configure Windows or MacOS to automatically check for these updates.

Never respond to emails that request confidential information about yourself or about any of your B2B Bank products — we never request such information electronically.

Clear your web browser cache regularly.

End your online banking session by systematically logging out of B2B Bank’s secure server.

This guarantee is offered free of charge to all our B2B Bank’s online banking subscribers.