Our Loans

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Over the years, the name B2B Bank has been synonymous with expertise in third-party investment and RSP lending. And we believe that the key to this success – and why we've remained strong – lies in our commitment to advisors on three important elements: high-quality products, prudent credit guidelines and excellent service.

About our products

Our lending program includes a wide-variety of investment, RSP and TFSA loans. These loans are available directly through us, or by way of our distribution alliances with many of Canada's top mutual fund and insurance companies.

About our credit guidelines

B2B Bank's responsible approach to underwriting ensures the long-term viability of our lending program.

About our service

Our experienced team of lending specialists is committed to ensuring that your business is processed quickly and efficiently. We provide pre-screening tips, a streamlined loan process, online adjudication, fast approvals and funding, and last but not least, continuous support by way of a knowledgeable client services department.

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