Homeowner's Kit

The Homeowner's Kit is a smart and flexible financing solution for all your clients' borrowing needs, through all their life stages. The Homeowner's Kit brings together two credit products — a mortgage and a re-advanceable Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) — into one, easy-to-use lending solution.1



  • Fixed terms of 6 months, 1 - 5 years, 7 and 10 years
  • Open terms of 6 months and 1 year
  • Convertible term of 6 months
  • Variable terms of 3 and 5 years
  • Revolving

Eligible properties

  • 1 - 2 units
  • New construction or existing properties
  • Owner-occupied (primary residence)

Payment Frequencies

  • Mortgage: Monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, accelerated weekly, accelerated bi-weekly
  • HELOC: Monthly, interest only

Pre-payment privileges

Mortgage portion only
  • Increase payments by up to 15% once per calendar year2
  • Pre-pay up to 15% of original principal once per calendar year

maximum amortization

  • Conventional mortgage portion: 35 years

Loan amounts

  • $50,000 - $750,000
  • BFS Stated income: $50,000 - $350,000

complementary solutions

  • Business For Self (BFS)*
  • Purchase and Refinance


  • Rental
  • Cash Back
  • Vacation/Secondary Home
  • Purchase Plus Improvements
  • *For more details refer to the applicable information sheets.

credit guidelines

  • Min credit score: 650
  • Max LTV: 80% (maximum 65% for HELOC portion); 65% for BFS stated income
  • Max GDS/TDS3: 32%/40%
  • HELOC: Borrower must qualify based on a 25-year amortization using the 5-year qualifying rate

value-added features,
options and Alternatives

  • Can be registered for the full appraised value of the home, not just the credit limit originally issued
  • Up to three different mortgage terms
  • Up to three different lines of credit
  • No fee re-advancement
  • Online view only account details for mortgage portion
  • HELOC funds accessible through debit, ABM, telephone, online banking and cheque
  • First 50 cheques are free

1Registered as a single collateral charge. 2This pre-payment privilege is non-cumulative and is available after the first anniversary of the mortgage. 3The GDS/TDS ratios are calculated assuming 100% utilization of the requested credit limit for the revolving portion in addition to the total fixed mortgage portion. The payment equivalent utilized for qualifying purposes is based on the applicable 5-year Qualifying rate at the time of application based on a 25-year amortization. This product cannot be used in lieu of construction or bridge financing. All mortgages are funded by, registered in the name of, administered and serviced by B2B Bank. B2B BANK and BANKING THAT WORKS FOR BROKERS are registered trademarks of B2B Bank. HOMEOWNER'S KIT is a registered trademark of Laurentian Bank of Canada.