Why a TFSA loan

Our TFSA loan offers you

  • A wide variety of term lengths
  • Loan amounts starting as low as $5,000
  • Principal and interest payments
  • A wide range of product features
  • Fast funding

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Tax free saver type

No matter what life stage you're in, a TFSA loan can assist you with your savings goals and ensure that you are using the benefits of a TFSA - tax free savings growth - to the fullest.

What kind of saver are you?

Profile: Kick-starter

  • Start tax-free savings
  • Start tax-free savings plan and begin growing investments
  • Growing assets
  • Growing savings
  • Starting career
  • Millennial
  • Long term horizon

Profile: Maximizer

  • Alternative ways to save tax-free
  • Maximize opportunities for growth
  • Excess cash flow
  • Manageable debt
  • Fully-utilized RRSP
  • Established assets

Profile: Catch-up

  • Utilize unused contribution room to accelerate tax-free savings
  • Maximize opportunities for growth
  • Limited assets
  • Life-changing event
  • Shortened time horizon
  • Unused contribution room

How a TFSA loan can help

Case Study: A TFSA loan can amplify your savings. The TFSA loan is easy way to to meet your savings goals and maximize the return on your investments.

    Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
 Opening TFSA balance $10,000 $10,600 $11,236 $11,910 $12,625
 Market gains at 6% $600 $636 $674 $715 $757
 Ending TFSA balance $10,600 $11,236 $11,910 $12,625 $13,382
 Annual rate of return 6% 6% 6% 6% 6%
 Tax savings ($)1 $227 $241 $255 $271 $287
 Tax savings (%) 2% 2% 2% 2% 2%

6% Annual
rate of return

 2% savings 
as a result
of investing
in a TFSA

The net growth in the TFSA after year 5 is $2,278. (Market value of $13,382 minus the $10,000 loan and $1,104 interest paid). Actual rates and amounts may differ. The illustration is a hypothetical example and is not intended to project or predict actual results.
Tax savings as illustrated above are intended for comparison with an investment in a non-registered account.

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1Source: http://www.taxtips.ca/taxrates/on.htm, Ontario resident with a 37.91% tax rate. Individuals should consult qualified tax specialists for more information.

While TFSA loans have the ability to magnify gains, they also have the potential to magnify market losses.
B2B Bank does not provide investment advice to individuals or advisors and does not endorse or promote any investment products. The dealer and advisor, not B2B Bank, are responsible for determining the suitability of investments for their clients and for informing them of the risks associated with borrowing to invest. B2B Bank acts solely in the capacity of lender and loan account administrator. Any loan approval from B2B Bank should not be construed as an endorsement of any investment choice, program or strategy. All loans are subject to credit approval and borrowed monies are due and payable regardless of the performance of the investments purchased. B2B Bank reserves the right to request additional information or documentation at its sole discretion. The B2B Bank Lending Program is available exclusively through licensed financial advisors. ®B2B BANK is a registered trademark of B2B Bank.