What’s New with EASE?

For users that are familiar with EASE, you will now find that screens are modified to be consistent with the application forms, in addition to enhancing the field descriptions to minimize errors.

Some of the enhancements include updates and clarifications for entering mandatory fields as the system will now validate that the new mandatory fields are entered.

The following enhancements have been added to the ‘Borrower’ and ‘Co-borrower’ tabs to help avoid delays:

  • Simply indicating consent to credit check on EASE rather than on a separate document
  • Providing previous employer if at current employer for less than two years
  • If selecting current address at two years or less, you will be asked to provide previous home street address
  • If Social Insurance Number (SIN) is provided in the identification section, it will be validated against the value entered in the Borrower’s information section

New Materials