B2B Bank High Interest Savings Account

The B2B Bank High Interest Savings account (HISA) offers a simple way for your clients to grow their savings with up to 1.30% interest1 ─ no monthly account fee2 or minimum balance required.


Account features

  • No monthly account fee2
  • No minimum balance required

CDIC eligible

The CDIC protects eligible deposits up to a maximum of $100,000 (principal and interest combined) per depositor per insured category. No need to sign up — B2B Bank is a CDIC member so coverage is free and automatic.3


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What are the rates?

Effective as of close of business on April 11, 2021, the annual interest rate for the B2B Bank High Interest Savings Account (HISA) on deposits up to and including $500,000 will change from 1.30% to 1.20%.

Account balance Annual interest rate
Up to and including $500,000 1.20%
$500,000.01 + 0.30%

How is the tiered interest calculated?

Taux d’intérêt du CEIE B2B Banque à la fermeture des bureaux le11 avril 2021. Le taux d’intérêt de 1,20 % s’applique aux dépôts jusqu’à concurrence de 500 000 $ inclusivement, et le taux d’intérêt de 0,30 % s’applique aux dépôts au-delà de 500 000 $. Le taux d’intérêt du palier applicable s’applique à chaque dollar du palier. Les taux d’intérêt sont annuels. Les intérêts sont calculés quotidiennement sur le solde de clôture et versés mensuellement dans le compte le dernier jour du mois. Tous les taux peuvent changer à tout moment sans préavis.

This link takes you to the CDIC website

Fee schedule

Effective March 22, 2019

Daily banking fees  
Monthly account fee Free
Cheque clearing Free
Electronic fund transfers Free
Transfers between B2B Bank accounts Free
Pre-authorized deposits Free
Other fees  
Returned items $5.00
Non-sufficient funds (NSF) $50.00
Early closure fee (within 90 days of opening) $25.00
Overdrawn interest rate 21% per annum4
Dormant annual account fees5  
2 year to 9 year $25.00 per year
10 year $40.00
Record keeping  
Monthly online statement Free
Monthly paper statement Free


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Rates as of close of the business of April 11, 2021. The 1.20% interest rate applies to deposits up to and including $500,000 and 0.30% interest rate applies to deposits above $500,000. The applicable tier interest rate applies to every dollar in the tier. Interest rates are per annum. Interest is calculated daily on the closing balance and paid monthly on the last day of the month into the account. All rates are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

2 Other fees may apply. Please see fee schedule for further details.

B2B Bank is a member of the CDIC. Only deposits payable in Canada are eligible to be insured under the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Act. For more information about deposit protection, visit www.cdic.ca.

4 Interest is calculated daily on the closing overdrawn balance and charged monthly. Each month you will deposit an amount that will cover the monthly overdrawn interest

Inactive account notices will be sent at two, five and nine years of inactivity. If inactive notice is acknowledged within 60 days, there is no charge. If the balance of the dormant account is less than the fee to be collected, the charges correspond to the remaining balance.

B2B Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Laurentian Bank of Canada. All fees are subject to applicable federal and provincial taxes when applicable and may change without prior notice. B2B Bank does not provide investment advice to individuals or advisors.
®B2B BANK and B2B Bank HISA® are registered trademarks of B2B Bank.