Working with Mortgage Brokers

With so many mortgage types and options available today, it's not surprising that consumers are increasingly turning to mortgage brokers for product knowledge and industry expertise.

As a mortgage broker, you're increasingly looking to financial providers to offer flexible mortgage options so that you can meet a wide range of client needs. And that makes sense. That's why we partner with you to provide that flexibility in the form of purpose-built products and services. Our suite of broker mortgages and home equity lines of credit varies from traditional to progressive lending and single family to multi-residential units.

But we don't rest on product offers alone. As everyone knows, a company's products are only as good as the services that back them up. At B2B Bank, our service standards reflect our commitment to excellent customer support. This is our promise to you and to your clients.

What's the bottom line for you?

We've worked with brokers to develop lasting relationships that have translated into billions of dollars in mortgages under administration. And we know that what brokers truly value is the fact that they can count on us to help build their business, not compete for it. To us, that's what being 100% broker focused is all about.

This information is intended for financial intermediaries only.