Working with Mutual Fund Manufacturers

At B2B Bank, our roster of distribution alliance programs speaks for itself when it comes to demonstrating our expertise in developing market-leading investment and RSP loan programs.

B2B Bank works closely with each manufacturer to ensure that we're continually providing improved offerings for our distribution alliances. And while other firms may present similar offers, it's B2B Bank that has truly succeeded in perfecting preferred loan programs with leading Canadian mutual fund companies; loan programs which have proven themselves in both their longevity and ability to withstand the 'ups and downs' of the markets.

Benefits for our distribution alliance firms include:

  • The opportunity to gain incremental assets under management
  • An expanded market reach through a leveraged investing strategy
  • A level playing field with competitors that currently offer proprietary loan programs

What's the bottom line for you?

B2B Bank provides fund manufacturers with a full range of lending products, highly competitive rates and marketing support to help you promote your programs.

This information is intended for financial intermediaries only.