We’re committed to improving the application process

Avoiding Delays

We know your time is valuable and you’re often completing multiple applications at any given time. We want to help you avoid the most common delays in the application process.

Typically, delays fall into one of three categories:


The application is submitted with missing or incomplete information.

  • Missing work number
  • Invalid home address
    Include street name and type (e.g. street, road, avenue, etc.).
  • Length of time in current residence
    Tell us the year the borrower(s) moved into their home.
  • Vague employment information
    Be as specific as possible- include employer’s name and address, years of service and annual salary. If less than 2 years, provide previous employer details.
  • Content and authorization dates
    Borrowers must sign and date the loan application.

The application received is missing pages or doesn’t correspond with online application submitted through EASE.

  • If you filled out a paper application before logging into EASE, include the EASE transaction number on all documentation.
  • Check that you include all pages when mailing, even the Terms and Conditions.
  • Separate notices or statements for co-borrower, if applicable.

Missing or invalid support documentation.

  • Missing or Invalid VOID cheque/pre-authorized debit form. 
    VOID cheques must be from a personal account imprinted with the applicant’s name.
  • Invalid identification types submitted.

We want to help you avoid delays. If you have any questions, contact the service team.