GIC Purchase Workflow — New Accounts

To purchase a GIC in a new account, follow these steps:


Obtain a B2B Bank Non-Registered GIC application, or a B2B Bank RSP or RIF Account application.

  • Click here for a fillable pdf of the Non-Registered GIC application or here for a fillable pdf of the RSP or RIF Account application.

Complete the application and required supporting documentation with your client. Please note that your client must be the age of majority in their province or territory of residence in order to open a B2B Bank GIC account.

Supporting documentation for individual, corporate and non-corporate applicants may include:

  • Void cheque for EFT interest payments¹
  • Copy of cheque used to purchase the investment(s) if funds are direct deposited
  • Original cheque or deposit slip (if applicable)
  • Copy of the applicable Transfer Authorization for Registered Investments form (applicable for registered accounts only)
  • Copy of the applicable plan addendum and spousal waiver (required for registered locked-in accounts only)

For non-personal corporate applicants (non-registered accounts only) include:

For non-personal non-corporate applicants, also include:

  • Copy of partnership (if applicable) or notarized copy of partnership agreement, where applicable
  • List of all partners forming the partnership
  • Copy of business registration
  • B2B/LBC Corporate GIC Account Authorization form
  • Terms & conditions of signatures
  • Schedule A – Business Account Information

NOTE: For non-profit groups or churches, we require any legal documentation showing the legal existence of the organization.

NOTE: Meeting minutes are not acceptable.


Take advantage of our direct deposit service.

Here's how it works:

  • Fill out a direct deposit order form and fax it to 1‑888‑946‑3448.
  • We will forward the required deposit slips.
  • Consolidate all of your non-registered GIC purchases on one deposit slip.
  • Deposit your client's cheques at any Royal Bank, TD Canada Trust or Laurentian Bank branch. The deposit stamp date will determine the interest rate and date of sale.
  • Retain a copy of the deposit slip for your records and forward the original to our office with your client's application.

Send us the original application with all supporting documentation.

Originals should be sent to:

B2B Bank
199 Bay Street, Suite 600
PO Box 279 STN Commerce Court
Toronto ON M5L 0A2


B2B Bank will review the application and documentation.

If the application is in good order, it will be processed and an Investment Confirmation will be sent to you. (In Saskatchewan, the confirmation will be sent to your client(s) directly.)

¹EFT interest payments are not applicable to non-residents.