Mortgages Workflow

Follow these steps:


Assess your client’s needs and financial situation to determine which mortgage option is right for them.

Review our suite of mortgages or contact the Business Development Manager in your region.


Submit an application electronically.

Ensure that the application is signed by your client(s) before submitting it electronically.

If purchase:

  • Offer to purchase
  • MLS listing with picture

We will review the application and provide a credit decision using the same system through which the application was submitted.


If approved:

  • We will notify you and provide the conditions of the approval.
  • Have your client(s) sign the approval and meet the conditions.
  • Your client(s) will need to supply us with:
  • A signed application.
  • Employment documentation as stated in the commitment letter/letter of approval.
  • Written confirmation of down payment (if applicable).
  • Lawyer’s name, address, fax and telephone numbers.
  • Other documentation as required.
  • These documents should be faxed to our Mortgage Broker Centre at 1‑877‑812‑8839.
  • Once conditions are met, we will instruct the solicitor through First Canadian Title.

If declined, we will contact you with the reason why the application was declined.