Corporate Citizenship

It goes without saying that in our business, as in yours, there's a financial bottom line. But at B2B Bank, we recognize there's a moral and ethical bottom line as well and it's why we encourage and foster responsible corporate citizenship and social stewardship.

Social responsibility and accountability are essential elements of our professional environment. We firmly believe that as a socially aware company, our corporate goals and objectives should align with the priorities of all our stakeholders, including but not limited to our clients, employees and community partners.

Our Communities

Supporting strong, vibrant local communities is important to B2B Bank. And while we're proud of our involvement in all of the communities throughout Canada where we live and work, our efforts are focused specifically on challenges related to children, education and health.

Our Environment

B2B Bank's environmental policies apply across all of our business units and bring to life our fundamental belief in doing what we can to preserve our planet for future generations.

In support of this commitment, we seek out relationships with suppliers and contractors who respect environmental concerns. We recycle and encourage online and other paperless technologies. We buy green and promote energy awareness and conservation wherever possible, regularly reviewing policies and daily processes.