What is Client Relationship Model, Phase 2 (CRM2)

CRM2 is a regulatory initiative created to help clients better understand the fees and performance of their investments and compensation associated with financial advice.

How will CRM2 impact advisors?

With clients having access to new information about their investments, advisors have the opportunity to have an open conversation about fees and performance while demonstrating the value they offer clients.

How will CRM2 impact clients?

The implementation of CRM2 will provide clients access to more information about their investments and the financial planning process. Through discussions with their advisor, clients can gain a better understanding of the cost of advice, fees and investment performance, and the role of their advisor. 

CRM2 and B2B Bank Dealer Services

As a result of CRM2 requirements, B2B Bank Dealer Services will enhance client reporting for transparency and compliance. The changes are being phased-in over a three-year period.

1Click here to view a sample of the Enhanced account statement
2Click here to view a copy of the Charges and Compensation Report
3Click here to view a copy of the Performance Report

For more information about CRM2 or for tips on how to start the conversation with your clients, talk to your 
Business Development Manager

The information on this web page is intended only as a high-level overview and is provided for information purposes only.  It cannot be relied on to ensure compliance with CRM2 requirements.  Consult your dealer for more information.