Fee for Service

A growing number of advisors and investors are opting for a fee for service advisory model.

As a growing number of advisors and investors are opting for a Fee for Service (FFS) advisory model, we at B2B Bank Dealer Services are making it easier for advisors to manage fee collection and reporting, with automatic, pre-authorized debits from customer accounts.

NEW: Starting December 1, 2021, the first monthly fee will be pro-rated meaning that your new clients will only pay for the number of days that their account is active in the first month.  

Our enhanced reporting, available online to both dealers and advisors through Advisor Access, will allow for a more accurate snapshot of fee-based mutual funds vs. any non-fee-based mutual funds over a period of time or on an ad-hoc basis.

In addition, you will also have the option of negotiating fee ranges with your clients (0.25% to 2.50%).

Our FFS account is a practical option that provides your clients with the opportunity to hold fee-based mutual funds, while continuing to benefit from the advice and services you provide.

For more information, contact your National Distribution Director or download the information sheet.


If you switch to a different dealer, a new Fee For Services (FFS) addendum is required. Access the latest FFS Addendum.