Our Platform

B2B Bank Dealer Services provides a comprehensive account administration and recordkeeping platform for advisors and investors.

The nominee account platform enables:

  • A single customer application and signature for each account
  • Consolidation of investments, including cash, by account type
  • Full-range of investment options¹
  • Consolidated reporting
    • Single statement for account holdings
    • Detailed tax information, adjusted cost base and capital gains and loss information
    • Individual contribution and tax receipts
    • Year-end tax reporting for non-registered accounts
  • Convenient client contribution and deposit using online banking bill payment functionality
  • Automated pre-authorized contributions (PAC) and systematic withdrawal plans (SWP)
  • Reinvestment of dividends and distributions
  • Fast transfers between fund companies as a result of "net settlement" trade settlement
  • Online access to detailed reporting, tax receipts and statements for investors and advisors, plus
  • A comprehensive trading platform for advisors.


B2B Bank Dealer Services provides access to a broad selection of financial products that can be held within registered and non-registered investment accounts.

Available investment options include:

  • More than 1,800 Canadian-based mutual funds
  • Segregated funds
  • GICs
  • Deposit and savings products²
  • Exempt fixed-income securities (i.e. T-Bills and government-backed securities)
  • Non-exempt fixed income securities³ (i.e. corporate bonds)

Investor Access

Individual investors have online access to balance and transaction reporting on all of their registered and non-registered accounts at B2B Dealer Services. By selecting eDelivery of statements, confirmations and tax receipts investors will save time and have access to their important documents for up to ten years.

Advisor Access

In addition to online reporting, advisors can initiate purchases, redemptions and transfers through the Advisor Access trading platform, and improve service by receiving prompt settlement on back-to-back trades.

Group Access

Group Plan sponsors also have online access with individual user access rights and privileges, to manage member accounts and create and edit regular and one-time remittances.

Pre-Authorized Debits

Pre-authorized debits (PADs) allows investors to regularly invest in their registered or non-registered accounts by authorizing B2B Bank Dealer Services, or other financial institutions, to withdraw money from their bank account on a set schedule and purchase units of a specified investment.

Systematic Withdrawal Plans

A systematic withdrawal plan (SWP) allows clients to regularly and systematically redeem money from their open/ investment accounts. Clients can opt to receive a cheque or have the money directly deposited to their bank account with an electronic fund transfer (EFT).

Re-investment of Dividends and Distributions

The Dividend Reinvestment Program allows investors to have their dividends or distributions from securities systematically reinvested into the same securities (This is available only on eligible securities).

The nature of permitted investment advice and account holdings is dependent upon the governing SRO and license of the dealer and advisor.
Offered by B2B Bank.
Available only through B2B Bank Securities Services Inc.