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Account Type Instructions
Individual RSP*  
Individual Investment Account*  
Spousal RRSP,
Locked In RRSP,
Spousal RRIF,
Joint Investment Account,
Joint (Tenants in Common) Account,
Informal Trust (ITF Account),
Formal Trust Account,
Estate Account,
Corporate Account, or an Unincorporated
Organization Account
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* Regular processing takes up to 5 business days. Same day service is available by calling Discount Brokerage at 1‑866‑542‑3403.

With your new account you may also want to:

Activity Instructions
Assign Trading Authorization

Fax, courier or mail the following:

  1. A Letter of Direction with the name of the person who will have trading authorization over the account, that is signed by the account owner and person who will receive trading authorization, and is witnessed by two third parties.
  2. Identity verification for each individual with trading authorization
Assign a Power of Attorney

Courier or mail the following:

  1. Power of Attorney (POA) document with an original notarized stamp (not more then six months old)
  2. If the POA dictates, other documentation may be required
  3. Identify verification for each POA
Deposit cash or transfer assets
  • Your B2BBDB account number is required for these transactions. B2BBDB will send the client a new account opening kit that includes the account number within 5 business days after a completed application is submitted.
  • If you require your account number sooner, complete the account opening documents and check off "Rush" on the first page. For same day service, call Discount Brokerage at 1.866.542.3403 to set up your account.
  • If you already have your account number, click here.
Politically Exposed Foreign Person (PEFP) or Prescribed Family Member

If the applicant and, if any, the Co-applicant answered yes to being a Politically Exposed Foreign Person (PEFP), or a Prescribed Family Member in Section 2 of the B2BBDB Investment Account Application, then the following document is required.

  1. Politically Exposed Foreign Person Statement
Financial Interest

If the account is to be used by or on behalf of a third party(ies), which includes a person who has a financial interest, then the following form is required

  1. Third Party Determination Statement

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