Services for existing accounts

Service Forms/Instructions
Equity, Fixed Income Trading and Mutual Funds As a result of regulatory changes under National Instrument 81-101 Mutual Fund Prospectus Disclosure, the most recently filed Fund Fact document(s) needs to be delivered to the purchaser prior the purchase of all mutual funds, including those under a Pre-Authorized Purchase Plan (i.e. PACs). Please call Direct Trading at 416‑413‑7201 or 1‑866‑542‑3403 to avoid delays.
Share information with a 3rd party Consent to Sharing of Information
Assign Trading Authorization

Fax, courier or mail the following:

  1. A Letter of Direction with the name of the person who will have trading authorization over the account, that is signed by the account owner and person who will receive trading authorization, and is witnessed by two third parties.
  2. Identify verification for each individual with trading authorization
Assign a Power of Attorney

Courier or mail the following:

  1. Power of Attorney (POA) document with an original notarized stamp (6 months to 1 year)
  2. If the POA dictates, other documentation may be required
  3. Identity verification for each POA
Deposit cash

Internet banking

  1. B2BBDB is set up as a bill payee with most major banks. Deposit funds by making an electronic payment directly to your B2BBDB account.
  2. Indicate your B2BBDB account number and make payment to B2B Bank Securities Services Inc. (B2BBDB).


  1. Indicate your B2BBDB account number and make cheque payable to B2B Bank Securities Services Inc.(B2BBDB)
  2. Send to: 199 Bay Street, Suite 610, PO Box 35 STN Commerce Court, Toronto ON M5L 0A3
Deposit a stock or bond certificate of a publicly listed company

The following are required

  1. Letter of Direction, indicate that your certificate will be deposited into your B2BBDB account (include account number)
  2. Certificate (do not sign back): send via a courier service that provides tracking
  3. Irrevocable Stock/Bond Power send separately from Certificate via a courier (recommended) or by mail

Transfer assets

  • Internal transfer to B2BBSSI from B2B Bank Financial Services Inc. or B2B Bank Intermediary Services Inc.
Internal Transfer Form (to B2BBSSI)

Transfer assets

  • From another institution

Transfer Authorization (for Registered Accounts)

Transfer Form (for Investment Accounts)

Know your client information changes KYC Change Form
Client Banking Confirmation Form Client Banking Confirmation Form
Set up/change interest and dividend sweeps Interest & Dividend Sweep Service
Release ownership in worthless stocks Request to Release Ownership in Worthless Stocks
Send duplicate statements to a third party Third Party Statement Request
Financial Interest Third Party Determination Statement
Politically Exposed Foreign Person (PEFP) or Prescribed Family Member Politically Exposed Foreign Person Statement

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