Doing Business With Us

If you haven't done business with B2B Bank Dealer Services we make it quick and easy to get started.

Step 1: Speak with your Dealer

Your dealer is likely already set up to work with B2B Bank Dealer Services, so your first call should be to your head office to get their guidance on how they would prefer you to work with us. If your dealer already works with us, you may be advised to contact us directly.

If you are a dealer, and have not previously worked with us, our National Distribution team is here to help get you started.

Step 2: Contact National Distribution

Your local manager is your primary contact for new business at B2B Bank and B2B Bank Dealer Services. They will help you get started and ensure that you have everything you need to open new accounts for your customers. They are also a good resource for any questions you may have and best practices for working with us and growing your business.

Step 3: Submit your business

With all the dealer documentation in place, doing business with us is as simple as sending us your customer's account application. Our Client Services Team will also work with you to ensure that you have are registered on our Advisor Access system so that you can monitor your customer accounts and transactions, and conduct trades (if permitted by your dealer).

Questions and inquiries regarding your customers' accounts or Advisor Access can be directed to our Client Services team at 1‑800‑263‑8349, Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET.

At B2B Bank Dealer Services, we appreciate your business and look forward to supporting you in your business-building goals.