Ali (28) and Saira (27) are married with 2 kids and have a manageable mortgage and steady incomes.

They have two long-term financial goals, save for their retirement and leave a sizable inheritance to their kids.

They both make yearly RRSP contributions to reach their retirement goal and Ali contributes $1,778 a month, through a pre-authorized contribution plan (PAC), to a non-registered savings account.


While Ali and Saira are on the right track to reach their retirement goal, they are concerned that the $21,366 a year savings will not generate the inheritance they dream of leaving for their children.

Working with their advisor Laila, Ali and Saira review what they would ideally like to leave for their children, their risk tolerances, cash flow and time horizon.


Based on the financial review, Laila recommends a borrow to invest strategy for the couple, with the same payment amount as the PAC.

By investing a lump sum now, the couple’s investments have the potential to generate greater returns to reach their financial goals.



  • $125,000 investment loan
  • Interest rate of 3.75 % (Prime +0.75%)
  • Principal and interest payments over 20 years
  • Monthly payments of $741.11


  • $175,000 investment loan ($50,000 more than Ali)
  • Interest rate of 3.75% (Prime +0.75%)
  • Principal and interest payments over 20 years
  • Monthly payments of $1,037.55
Graph - Value of Investment After 20 Years


Ali and Saira, with a full awareness of the potential risks of investment lending, move forward with Laila’s recommendation and collectively borrow $300,000.

The total monthly loan payment for the couple is $1,778, which is within their budgeted $2,000 monthly savings amount.

After 20 years, with an assumed annual rate of return of 6%, Ali and Saira would have:

  • Grown their initial investment to a value of $962,140 after 20 years.
  • Paid $126,878 in interest, which may be deductible1.
  • Generated a net gain of $535,262.

This solution will help them meet their goals of leaving a sizeable inheritance and saving for their retirement.

Without the investment loan, Ali's monthly PAC contributions of $1,778 over 20 years with an assumed rate of return of 6%, would only be worth $825,925.

1 Interest is not deductible in all circumstances. Individuals should consult a qualified tax specialist for more information.


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