Carlos (46) and Marianne (44) are successful professionals married with 3 young children. Both of them are in the highest income bracket (>$200k).

They have only $100,000 left on their mortgage and have consistently maximized their RRSPs and children's RESP contributions.


This year they will use up their RRSP contribution allowance and are looking for additional ways to maximize their wealth.

They have turned to their long time financial advisor, Evan, who specializes in high net worth clients, to develop an investment strategy that is right for them.


Evan has worked with the family for years, he performs a detailed review of Carlos and Marianne's financial objectives, risk tolerances, cash flow and time horizon to ensure that there haven't been any changes in lifestyle or priorities since their last meeting.

Based on Carlos and Marianne's goals, Evan recommends an investment loan.

With an investment loan the couple can use:

  • the loan to increase their investment savings; and
  • the interest deductibility to reduce their effective borrowing costs


A $300,000 investment loan (x2)

  • Interest rate of 3.75 % (Prime + 0.75%)
  • Interest only payments, as they will use their tax refunds to pay down the principal of the loan
  • Monthly payments of $937.50 (X 12 = $11,250)


After careful consideration of the potential risks, Carlos and Marianne adopt Evan's borrow to invest recommendation and each take out a $300,000 investment loan.

After 10 years, based on an assumed rate of return of 6%, Carlos and Marianne's initial $600,000 investment is now worth $1,074,509, and they have each paid $112,500 in interest.

Both Carlos and Marianne may be able to deduct the $11,250 interest payments from their taxes each year that they have the loans, effectively reducing their cost of borrowing.

  • Value of $600,000 investment after 10 years is $1,074,509
  • $112,500 Interest paid per loan
  • $600,000 Total loan amount
  • $249,509 Net gain (after repayment of loan)
Valuer des 600 000 $ de placement après 10 ans

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