Non-Registered Investment and Savings Plans

Non-registered investment accounts can be in an individual's name, in a joint name (with two or more account owners), in trust, or on behalf of incorporated and unincorporated organizations.

Income distributions are taxable in the hands of the owner or of the recipient as an income and can benefit from dividend tax credits on Eligible Canadian Dividends. moreover, only a portion of the capital gains are added to the income. Applicable capital losses are also deducted from the capital gains.

B2B Bank Dealer Services makes investing in non-registered investment accounts easy. Cash or investments can be transferred in from accounts at other financial institutions, one-time contributions can be made using the bill payment function¹ available through most online banking services, or regular recurring investments can be made automatically by Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) directly from the investor's bank account.

Dollar Cost Averaging

Investing regularly helps to build wealth, and if a fixed amount of money is invested on a recurring basis, investors can benefit from dollar-cost averaging. When prices are low – more units or shares of the investment are purchased, and when prices are higher – fewer units are purchased, resulting in a lower average cost for the investor and potentially higher returns over time.

1Not available through B2B Bank Intermediary Services Inc.