B2B Bank Dealer Services is one of Canada's leading providers of registered and non-registered investment account services for Canadian financial advisors. Our nominee account platform and value-added services ensure that financial advisors and their clients have the tools they need to manage and build their wealth.

Our platform enables advisors and investors to hold their investments securely, in what is commonly known as nominee name. By holding the investments nominee name, rather than being registered individually in each clients' name, means that a wide variety investments can be held in a single consolidated account, with purchases, sales and transfers conducted efficiently and without delay.

Nominee accounts are available for a wide variety of Account Types. Whether clients wish to invest in a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA), save for retirement in an RRSP, or establish a Group Plan for their employees, choosing a nominee account platform will simplify transaction processing, account management and reporting and let you focus on building your practice.

Our Platform

B2B Bank Dealer Services' modern recordkeeping platform provides account administration, trade clearing and settlement, balance, transaction and tax reporting and custody services, along with online access for advisors and investors.

  • Account administration
  • Investment options
  • Pre-authorized contributions
  • Systematic Withdrawal Plans
  • Comprehensive statements
  • Tax receipts and reporting
  • Online account access

Value-Added Services

We are more than just a nominee account administrator for advisors and investors. In addition to a wide range of accounts and plans we deliver the account management and service options today's advisors and investors demand.

  • Account Transfer Assistance and Services
  • Fee for Service option
  • Group Plan Sponsor services
  • Investment Counsellors & Portfolio Manager (ICPM) services
  • Individual Investor Direct Trading option
  • Self-directed Mortgages