What are some of the benefits of B2B Bank's RSP Loan Program?

B2B Bank's RSP Loan Program offers competitive rates, a broad range of options and simple administration to help advisors meet more of their clients' savings and investment needs.

Simplified pricing:

Pricing is based on the term selected, not on the loan amount.

Variety of loan options:

Choose between variable and fixed rate options.

Online application:

Makes it quick and easy to apply and obtain status information on an application.

Low loan amounts:

A $2,500 minimum RSP Loan amount applies across all terms.

Flexible terms:

Variable rate: 1 to 10 years
Fixed rate: 1 or 2 years

Quick adjudication:

Applications are reviewed and decisions communicated typically within one business day.

No pre-payment penalties:

All or part of a loan can be repaid at any time without penalty.


Fast funding:

Provided typically within one business day upon receipt and verification of original documentation.
How can I apply for an RSP Loan?

Log in to EASE to start an online loan application:

  • Enter your client’s name and basic information, such as their address, then save this uniquely coded application for later use.
  • Print copies of the incomplete application to use with your client in completing the remaining fields, including yours and their signature(s) and date.
  • Log back into EASE to complete the saved application and submit online for faster review and processing.
  • If and when approved, mail in the client-signed original application that includes the matching EASE loan application code.


In addition to the RSP Loan Application, are there any other documents that B2B Bank requires?

Yes, in all cases, B2B Bank requires a void cheque from the borrower's personal chequing account from which to withdraw the loan payments. 

Is a Proof of Income or Proof of Assets required?

Credit approved RSP Loans $50,000 and under do not require Proof of Income (POI)/Proof of Assets (POA).*
POI/POA will be required if the RSP Loan amount requested plus any RSP/TFSA Loan balances with B2B Bank exceed $50,000.

*Occasionally, B2B Bank may request POI/POA on certain applications. Subject to dealer requirements.

Where should the completed RSP Loan application and required documentation be sent?

Be sure to fax completed and signed applications and supporting documentation to:

Fax application to:
Attn: B2B Bank Investment Lending
Fax: 1‑866‑941‑7711


Mail application to:
B2B Bank Investment Lending
199 Bay Street, Suite 600
PO Box 279 STN Commerce Court
Toronto ON  M5L 0A2.

Please include the EASE transaction number on all documentation, if available.

Note: Distribution Alliance programs may have different documentation routing. Check the details of your specific program.

Can I send supporting documents via email?

As a temporary measure to alleviate workflow restrictions due to COVID-19, we will continue to accept completed applications and supporting documents, including signatures, sent to us by encrypted email for all loan applications. Where email encryption is not possible, you may continue to transmit such information to us by fax.

Advisors accept responsibility for ensuring the protection of all information and files transferred to B2B Bank via email.

Until April 30, 2021, we will allow:

  • Applications and supporting documents submitted from your corporate email without the original
  • Applications and documents with signatures submitted from your corporate email in the following ways:
    • Handwritten signatures on applications and documents scanned and submitted by email
    • Digital signatures on applications and documents submitted by email

Please include the EASE number in the subject line and only one client’s application and/or supporting documents per email.

What is EASE?

EASE stands for Electronic Application Submission Entry. It's B2B Bank's secure online loan application that allows you, the advisor, to enter, save, print and submit RSP Loan applications on behalf of your clients. EASE is:

  • fast: offers your clients a status of the application in a matter of seconds;
  • easy to use: screens are intuitive – both easy to navigate and complete;
  • practical: search functions allow you to retrieve existing applications and monitor their status;
  • useful: you can generate a variety of reports for information at your fingertips.
How does EASE work?

In short, advisors log in to the EASE site at (new users can register online) and enter their client's information. When all pages have been saved and completed, advisors print the application and have the client sign where required. By clicking the Submit for Credit Review button, the application is submitted electronically for adjudication; a status is emailed and/or faxed to advisors. If approved, advisors then forward the printed application, with the original signatures and all the supporting documentation to B2B Bank for funding. If the status of the application is Under Credit Review, advisors are contacted with a decision typically within one business day by email and/or fax.

What happens if I save a loan but don't complete all the fields?

That's okay. EASE allows you to come back and complete the application later. An application can be saved as soon as a single character is entered by clicking on Save This Data.

A loan application that I entered is in duplicate status. Why?

EASE has identified an application in its database with the same client name, social insurance number (SIN) or date of birth. A B2B Bank underwriter will review the application to determine whether it is a true duplication or a new application for the same client. If it is a new application, the duplicate status is removed and the normal adjudication process continues.

A loan application that I entered is in pending status. Why?

Typically, this means B2B Bank requires additional information and/or supporting documentation in order to complete the adjudication process. In this case, you will receive a fax from B2B Bank with further details. Sometimes, this status means that a counter offer has been proposed and is awaiting your response. On occasion, it can also mean that a Credit Bureau warning was generated.

I have loans in EASE that I have not submitted yet, what should I do?

You can continue to submit loans in EASE as usual. Once the loan is funded, the price at the time of funding will be applied.

What happens if I've already completed and saved my application but want to make changes?

You can make changes to saved applications prior to clicking on the Submit for Credit Review button. The application that the client signs must accurately reflect what is being submitted electronically for credit review. After the loan has been submitted, please make all the changes on the original client-signed application. Note: The client may be required to sign or initial to authorize any changes.

How do I consolidate my clients' RSP loans currently held at other financial institutions?
  • Online. Go to EASE and enter the new loan amount on Line 1. Then enter the loan amount being consolidated from another financial institution on Line 3. EASE will calculate the total loan amount to apply for. Submit the online RSP Loan application for adjudication as you normally would.
  • On paper. On the application, indicate the new loan amount and the consolidated loan amount on the applicable lines of the Loan details sections. We will process the application for the sum of these two amounts.
How quickly are funds advanced on approved loans?

We know how important it is that funding is done quickly. That's why we've developed checklists that appear on EASE and the paper application as a reminder of what we need to effectively adjudicate your clients' loans. Loans submitted through EASE are funded typically within one business day of receiving and verifying original, completed and signed documentation. Paper applications are funded on a reasonable efforts basis following receipt and approval of completed and signed documentation.

Is there a particular day of the month that loan payments must be made?

We try to accommodate all of your clients' needs. As such, borrowers may select any day of the month – from the 1st to the 28th – whatever is most convenient for them. Flexible payment dates can be helpful to your clients when it comes to managing their monthly cash flow.

What are the loan payment options available under B2B Bank's RSP Loan Program?

Clients can choose to make either fixed or variable interest rate options. Regardless of the option they choose, payments are a blend of principal and interest.

Can a borrower pay off their RSP Loan at any time?

Of course. To pay off their loan, the borrower simply forwards a cheque payable to B2B Bank for the full amount outstanding. All loans can be paid out at any time without any additional charge or penalty from B2B Bank.

Where can I find more information on RSP loans offered by B2B Bank?

Advisors interested in or currently doing business with B2B Bank for RSP loans can visit for more information, tools, forms and resources.

Where can my clients find more information on RSP Loans offered by B2B Bank?

Existing or prospective clients can visit for information on the potential benefits of choosing an RSP Loan within their overall financial plan.

What should I do if I have questions or would like more information?

If you would like more information on any aspect of B2B Bank's RSP Loan Program, simply call one of our Client Service Representatives at 1‑800‑263‑8349. We're here to help you get the answers you need. Our Client Service Representatives would be happy to assist you Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

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Loan relief

I have loans in EASE that I have not submitted yet, what should I do?

You can continue to submit loans in EASE as usual. Once the loan is funded, the price at the time of funding will be applied.

Can my client pay off their loan at any time?

Yes, B2B Bank Investment, RSP and TFSA Loans are open loans, which means they are payable at any time without penalty.

Should my clients continue to make loan payments based on their pre-scheduled payment dates?

Yes, existing clients should continue to make scheduled loan payments.

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