Rates on GICs change frequently – often on a daily basis – so it's important to know exactly what to do to get your business on the books when the time is right. We make it easy.

  • If you're new to our Deposit Services, please contact one of our business development representatives or a client service representative at 1‑800‑263‑8349.
  • Obtain information on our portfolio of deposit products. When you're ready to purchase a term for your clients, you can either deposit their cheques directly through a service¹ with Royal Bank of Canada and TD Canada Trust or, you can send their cheque(s) to our office.
  • Our application workflows will help you understand the submission processes: GIC Purchase Workflow – New Accounts, GIC Renewal or Purchase Workflow – Existing Accounts.
  • Help your client complete an application. 
  • Forward your client's original application – including their cheque(s) and/or original deposit slip(s) – to B2B Bank, Deposit Services, 199 Bay Street, Suite 600, PO Box 279 STN Commerce Court, Toronto ON M5L 0A2.

1 In Quebec, the direct deposit service is only offered through Laurentian Bank.