Mortgage refinancing

Your home is a valuable asset. If you’ve experienced a change in your life stage or financial priorities, consider refinancing to unlock the equity in your home. You can borrow the funds to use for home renovations, to pay your child’s tuition, for investments or debt consolidation.

Why refinance with us?

You can choose from one of our mortgage refinancing solutions:

  • Add a new mortgage loan
  • Add a B2B Bank Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) for more flexibility
  • Increase the limit of your home equity line of credit currently held in a B2B Bank Homeowner’s Kit

To find out more about renewing your mortgage:

Speak with one of our Mortgage Specialists at 1‑855‑744‑2475.


Request a call back from one of our Mortgage Specialists. They will get back to you within the next few business days.

You have options

We will work with you to find the right solution.

It’s available when you need it

You can apply for refinancing at any time.

Things to consider before you refinance

We will work with you to negotiate and agree on an amount, term, interest rate and amortization period.

 Refinancing before maturity

If you are not within your mortgage renewal period, there may be prepayment costs or fees associated with your refinance.

 How much can you borrow?

When you are refinancing, you can borrow up to 80%* of the current market value of your home.

* As every mortgage deal and property is unique, the maximum 80% LTV may not always be available. Contact us at 1-800-263-8349 and we can determine your eligibility.

 What are the costs

There may be costs associated with refinancing including:

  • Prepayment fee
  • Appraisal fee (property valuation)
  • Legal fees
  • Mortgage registration fee


Refinance with a Home Equity Line of Credit

A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) offers you a convenient and flexible way to unlock the equity in your home, so you can start planning your renovation. With this secured credit line, we can offer you a lower interest rate than we could with an unsecured line of credit.1

To apply for a Home Equity Line of Credit, speak with one of our Mortgage Specialists at

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1 Subject to credit approval. Certain terms and conditions may apply.

All mortgages are subject to credit approval. Certain conditions apply. All mortgages are funded by, registered in the name of, administered and serviced by B2B Bank. B2B Bank acts solely in the capacity of lender and/or account administrator. B2B Bank, is not responsible for determining the suitability of products and services for their clients and for informing them of any related risks. B2B Bank products and services are only available through financial intermediaries. All mortgages are subject to credit approval and B2B Bank’s lending criteria.

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