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Guaranteed Investment Certificates

Guaranteed to keep what’s invested plus interest, consider a B2B Bank GIC as part of your well-balanced portfolio.

To fund your GIC, please open a B2B Bank Chequing or High Interest Savings Account.

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CDIC eligible

The CDIC protects eligible deposits up to a maximum of $100,000 (principal and interest combined) per depositor per insured category. No need to sign up — B2B Bank is a CDIC member so coverage is free and automatic.1

Investment options

  • One to five year non-registered and non-redeemable terms2
  • Fund a GIC with a minimum of $100


Apply in minutes.

CDIC Badge

For more information about B2B Bank GICs, call 1‑866‑334‑4434.

Interest rates3

All term GICs are non-registered and non-redeemable.

1 year $100.00 1.10%
2 years $100.00 1.40%
3 years $100.00 1.50%
4 years $100.00 1.70%
5 years $100.00 1.80%

For more information about B2B Bank GICs, call 1‑866‑334‑4434 or email questions@b2bbank.com.

Rates as of May 28, 2020. All rates are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Interest rates are per annum. Interest is either compounded annually (paid at maturity) or paid annually to the B2B Bank account of your choice. Interest rates and initial investments are applicable for B2B Bank GICs purchased via onlinebanking.b2bbank.com only.

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What makes B2B Bank different

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At B2B Bank, we believe that all Canadians should have access to a financial professional because the right financial advice and a sound financial plan is vital for financial health.

B2B Bank is a member of the CDIC. Only deposits payable in Canada are eligible to be insured under the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Act. For more information about deposit protection, visit www.cdic.ca.

All GICs invested in via onlinebanking.b2bbank.com are non-registered and non-redeemable.