Set up recurring fund transfers

Setting up automated contributions to a savings account is a disciplined way to save for a goal, or to build an emergency fund.

To set up automated transfers from a linked account to your High Interest Savings Account:

  1. From your Online Banking home screen, click on the icon Money bag icon for the account into which you want to receive funds.
  2. Click on the Transfers tab, then check Incoming and your linked accounts will automatically be selected. Choose from the drop-down menu which account you want to link.
  3. Provide the Amount ($) you want transferred then select Recurring (standing order) under the question “When should the money leave your account”.
  4. Fill in the following information: Start date, FrequencyEnd date or Further notice then click CONTINUE to confirm your transfer details.
  5. After confirming your transfer details click Transfer to complete your request.

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