What's the B2B Bank advantage? To us, it's about our unique broker-focused service model that provides three things that matter most to mortgage brokers: access to a complete portfolio of mortgage solutions, a wide range of qualifying credit criteria, and options for traditional and non-traditional borrowers. Because in this highly competitive market, every advantage counts.


Rate Product
  B2B Bank's
Prime Rate2
  Laurentian Bank of Canada's Prime Rate3
  6-month convertible
Mortgage transactions Borrower profile Property type Special program
Purchase Self-employed (fully verifiable) Income property N/A
Improvement – home renovation and purchase
Homebuyer 95 Business for self (Alt. A) Vacation Home N/A
Portability Secondary home + family plan
Cash-out refinance
Purchase plus improvements Investment property

Business for Self (BFS):

Mortgage stories

See how various B2B Bank mortgages have helped many Canadians on the way to achieving their financial goals.

BFS Expanded

Michael and Lucy have been self-employed marketing consultants for 10 years and have built a successful business. The couple is currently renting a home in downtown Toronto and looking to purchase in the area.

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Expanded Rental

Earl has been a self-employed auto mechanic for over 10 years and built a successful business. He has saved up for a down payment and is looking to purchase a rental property in suburban Toronto.

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Equity 50

Jane and John Smith have been living in Toronto for three years. They are looking to refinance their single family home to free up some cash flow while John looks for work.

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*The cities listed indicate the location of the appraiser’s physical address and not their areas of coverage.
The List of B2B Bank authorized real estate appraisers is applicable to Residential properties only. This information is for mortgage professionals only and is not intended for distribution. B2B Bank is not affiliated with any of the appraisers listed and does not endorse nor promote the products or services offered by the appraisers. B2B Bank cannot be held liable for the contents and use of this list.

1 Some mortgage products may not be available in this region. Contact your Business Development Manager to learn more. Lending areas are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

2 The term "prime rate" means the annual interest rate announced by B2B Bank from time to time as being its reference rate then in effect. The prime rate shown is as of September 07, 2017. All rates may fluctuate from time to time and are subject to change without prior notice.

3 The term “prime rate” means the annual interest rate announced by Laurentian Bank of Canada from time to time as the reference rate in effect to determine the interest rates applicable to commercial loans, in Canadian dollars. The prime rate shown is as of September 07, 2017 and may fluctuate from time to time. All rates are subject to change without prior notice.

4 Insured mortgages over $500,000 and up to $1 million require a down payment of 5% on the first $500,000 and 10% on any amount over $500,000 and up to $1 million. See insurer product guidelines for specific down payment requirements as they may vary by product and program.

All mortgages are subject to credit approval. Certain conditions apply. All mortgages are funded by, registered in the name of, and administered and serviced by B2B Bank. B2B BANK and BANKING THAT WORKS FOR BROKERS are registered trademarks of B2B Bank. HOMEOWNER'S KIT is a registered trademark of Laurentian Bank of Canada.